Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect (AC) is a virtual classroom and eLearning platform that allows students to participate in classes online.

Install application
Please install Adobe Connect app before you log in to AC meeting room. Application can be installed to Windows and Mac computers. If the app is installed, the AC meeting room will open to application instead of browser.
Download app: Windows / Mac

Also mobile apps are provided for iOS and Android-devices.

If you use a mobile device download the Adobe Connect-app from the app store:
Apple devices iOS
Android devices

Virtual classroom provides many useful tools to learning and collaboration online for example file sharing, webconferencing and chat. To participate with your voice in online classes you need a headset microphone. It is the most cost efficient and functional way for hassle free communication.

How to log in

All virtual classrooms have a unique web address. You will get the address from your teacher, or from Learn or via e-mail. All teachers have their own virtual classrooms and the addresses are commonly in form: (The last part of the address is teacher´s firstname and lastname written together without capital letters). Other addresses are used as well, so always check the address from the teacher before attending.

Once you have the address to AC meeting room, open it in Adobe Connect application or web browser and follow the steps below:

  1. Choose Guest option
  2. Write your firstname and last name to the Name text field
  3. Click Enter Room button and wait for the teacher to accept your login.

If you need to share content in virtual room, teacher can give you presenter-rights in session.
You can watch a short tutorial video done by UOIT here:

Check your computers online capabilities in advance:

You can test your computer and internet access with test page:

You can also test your audio devices in advance on the test page by clicking the Configure Audio button.

Guide and tech support:

Adobe Connect - guide for students
Adobe Connect - guide for staff

Having technical difficulties? Send a service request using this form.