Electronic exams

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EXAM is the service for supervised electronic exams. 
You can take an electronic exam in campus EXAM-rooms that are supervised by video and audio monitoring system. Exam-computers have access only to the EXAM-system. 
Consult with your teacher about the possibility to take an electronic exam. In the EXAM-system you can only take exams that you have agreed with your teacher. In the system it is possible to take course exams, resit exams and maturity exams.
Xamk has EXAM-rooms available in each campuses: Exam-room locations
Watch EXAM introduction video to get familiar with EXAM: 


We strongly recommend completing the EXAM - Electronic exams self-study course in the Open-Learn environment before taking the EXAM in the EXAM-room.


Login instructions and booking an exam
Locations and opening hours
Rules and regulations
Taking an exam
Exam visit
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