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Sharing a OneDrive file with others

Finding OneDrive file sharing links is easiest through the Chrome or Edge web browsers on the M365 web portal at Log in with your Microsoft account. Select My Content on the left-hand side. If the file you are looking for is not immediately visible, you can search for it or go to the Locations - Cloud Files to view the folder structure.

Please note that to make file management easier, it is recommended to gather all shared files under a single folder and share the folder link, or group the files you want to share under certain folders for easy future access. Create one or more folders in OneDrive for the files you want to share according to your needs.


When you hover your mouse over the file name or click the selector at the beginning of the row, a Share button (right arrow) and three dots appear on the file row, where you can find the functions available for the file.

You can either send the link directly to the recipients via email or use the "Copy link" function to share the file, for example, through the Learn platform. Remember to also specify whether the link allows editing of the file or if it is only meant to be viewed. From the drop-down list that appears next to the pen icon, you can access additional settings. You can, for example, set an expiration date for the link. If you do not specify an expiration date, the link is valid for two years.

Finally, either send the link or copy it using the button to paste it into another location.

You can also access OneDrive file sharing settings through the Windows File Explorer by right-clicking on the file name and selecting the option "Share" from the list that appears.