Taking an exam at xamk exam room

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  • The exam room is equipped with recording video and audio surveillance. When you register for the exam, you also give permission for camera surveillance. The Privacy Statement of the Electronic Examination Service in accordance with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/99) and the description of camera surveillance are available on Xamk’s website: Data protection announcement at Xamk.

  • Computers in Exam-rooms have access to Exam-system only, access to other web sources is blocked. List of software and resourses available at Software and resources.  Accessibility options: At least one adjustable table (sähköpöytä) in each room.

  • Staff may make random inspections on the premises, so be prepared to prove your identity.

  • All personal belongings must be left in the storage lockers of the exam room. You can only take your identity/student card and a key to the storage locker with you on the table. No food, drink, books, jacket, phone, calculator etc near the exam table. 

  • Absolute silence must be observed in the exam room! Do not talk to others or blink other people’s machines in the room.

  • You must not leave the exam room in the middle of the exam and you must not move unnecessarily away from the machine during the exam. Leave the room when you have submitted the exam.

  • Individual arrangements: There may be other students taking an exam at the same time. There is a possibility of an extended exam time, to reserve an adjustable table and use available hearing protectos. If you have other specific needs (e.g., a separate/quiet exam room or movement during the exam), please discuss alternative exam arrangements with your teacher.

  • Empty storage locker when leaving the Exam-room.

  • No technical support is available during the exam session. If the exam breaks unexpectedly, follow the instructions in the exam room and report your problems to the teacher and Xamk Exam support at  Xinfo

  • If you violate the instructions mentioned here, the exam may be rejected. All detected misconduct situations will be investigated and may result on rejection of the exam in accordance with Degree regulations and Ethical guidelines at Xamk. 

  • If you suspect any violations of Exam instructions when taking an exam, inform Exam-support after the examination.

  • Exam system accessibility statement