Login instructions for Teams:

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Log in to Teams using Xamk's Microsoft login (long format), which is in the form of "username@edu.xamk.fi" (students) or "username@xamk.fi" (staff) and the password for your account. Note that the short format of the username does not work.

Teams meetings can also be joined as a guest using the Teams application or web browser. If you join a meeting as a guest without logging in, use your first and last name.

It is recommended to use the Teams application to participate in online meetings. To join a meeting in a web browser, use Chrome or Edge browser. Then open the meeting link in the browser and join the meeting using your first and last name. Note that some features such as screen sharing may not work in the browser, so it is recommended to use the Teams application. Please note that Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers and mobile device web browsers cannot be used to join online meetings.