Taking an exam

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From the confirmation email, you will find the date and time of the exam you have selected and the number of the computer reserved for you. If you try to login to a wrong computer, the EXAM-system will inform you. 
Enter to the EXAM-room just shortly (5-10 min) before the exam begins. Leave your personal belongings in the storage lockers of the room (or outside the room). You can only take your student card and a locker key near the exam table. Personal equipments are not allowed to use during the exam. 
  • Log in to the computer reserved for you with your user ID.
  • Open Exam-/Firefox -browser and log in to EXAM system. From the Haka menu, select Kaakkois-Suomen ammattikorkeakoulu or South-Eastern University of Applied Sciences to log in. 
  • Wait until your exam opens. While you wait, you can read the instructions for taking the exam.
  • Do not talk to others, move or leave the computer during the exam in the exam room.
  • Read any additional instructions the teacher may have given you on the screen. 
  • The green button will take you to the exam questions.
  • The structure of the exam is shown on the right side of the screen. Use the green arrow to move forward.
  • Save your answers and go to the next question (the system will automatically save your answers every 1 minute).
  • Opening attachments: a pdf-attachment opens in the browser or an application, an image attachment (jpg/png) needs to be downloaded first (Downloads folder) and then the attachment can be opened.
  • Attachment files: You can add one attachment file (max. 50Mb) to one essay question (for example word/Excel). First save your file to the computer and attach it to the answer as an attachment file.
  • The remaining time is displayed at the top right of the screen.
  • After answering the questions, save and submit the exam. You are automatically logged out of the EXAM system.
  • Shut down the computer.

Test exam: Do you wish to test how to take an electronic exam? Find “Harjoittelutentti - Test exam” from the EXAM-system, book an exam time and take the exam in EXAM-room.  

Switching the keyboard language: Please note that you can switch the keyboard language of the exam machines, for example if you need Finnish language or Russian language letters. The alternative is FIN/ENG/pyC. You can switch between the language settings from the language icon at the bottom right of the computer screen or by pressing Win key + space key combination.

Cancelling the reservation: Cancel your reservation if you do not intend to take the exam so that the exam machine is free for other examiners. Cancellations are made in the EXAM Reservations view.