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Resources available at Exam computers

  • Access to other web sources is blocked. 
  • Windows calculator
  • Wordpad / Notepad
  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint (no spelling and grammar checker)
  • PDF and image files can be opened
  • Cyrillic keyboard available in some computers

Attachments preferably in pdf-format. At Exam-computers pdf-files open directly in the web browser. Image files (jpg/png) need to be saved to the computer first and can then be opened.


Maturity exams 

Xamk maturity exams are created in Exam system according to Xamk's own instructions.  

When creating a maturity test remember the following:

  • Preliminary preparations: Make sure that the student has logged in to the Exam system in advance or ask to log in so that you can assign the student to the maturity test via name search.
  • Exam type: Maturity Test  
  • Course code: YYYY99916
  • Basic information: Add language evaluator as additional examiner.
  • Requires language evaluation: No (This setting determines whether the maturity test is forwarded to the Exam language evaluaton queue (technical reason). Xamk does not use a language evaluation queue, but instead the language evaluator is added as other examiner in the previous section)

For more detailed instructions, go to EXAM self-study course (Open-Learn). 



Archiving time of exam results

The evaluated exam results are stored in the Exam system for 6 months (degree regulations).

Exam visit instructions for teachers 

EXAM Visit instructions - EXAM - Eduuni-wiki


Teacher's guides in Open-Learn course

Step-by-step -guides how to create and and assess an exam or maturity test in EXAM.  

EXAM- electronic exams -self-study course