How to join meeting

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You can join in a Zoom meeting using Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. To join a Zoom meeting, you simply need to open the participation link in your browser. You join the meeting as a guest, so there's no need to log in to Zoom. You can obtain the link, for example, via email,  Learn learning platform, or a calendar invitation. Enter your first and last name in the name field and click the Join button. 


You can also join a Zoom meeting using a Meeting ID if you have been provided with one. The ID is a 9-11 character-long numerical string. Click the Join button on the Zoom website or application and paste the Meeting ID into the designated field. 


The meeting may also have a text-based link name that you can enter in the same way as the Meeting ID. You may also need a password to join the meeting, which is usually provided when you receive the participation link information. When joining the meeting, you may need to wait in the waiting room until the meeting host approves your entry to the meeting. 

Here are instructions on how to join a Zoom meeting. (pdf). 

Testing the connection in advance

You can test joining a Zoom meeting and your own audio devices in advance by participating in a test meeting available through the link below. The link will open in a new window.

Join Meeting Test (