Student's wishes to the teacher regarding the Learn platform

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I want to do a good job and know what is expected of me. Please make sure that the instructions, learning outcomes and assessment criteria are easy to find on the platform.


I want to plan and organize my own work. Please ensure that the course timetable is clearly summarized on the platform and that the deadlines for all assignments are also shown in the course calendar.

I like to track my progress, and seeing the completion percentage on the platform motivates me. Sometimes, unfortunately, it may have happened that the percentage has fallen short for reasons beyond my control. If you use the course platform to track my progress, please make sure that it works correctly.


My studies involve a lot of information and searching for information. This is interesting, but also taxing. Please make sure that assignments and materials that belong together are in the same place on the course platform or are clearly marked as related.


I may need to ask you more specific questions about the course or its completion. Please ensure that the platform provides instructions on how to ask my question so that I can get an answer.


I have a lot of work to do, and even if the subject is interesting, I don't necessarily have time to browse through all the interesting additional material. Please make sure that all materials have a relevant and clearly described purpose and additional materials are clearly distinguishable from other materials.


Feedback on my own learning is important to me. Please give me the opportunity to monitor and evaluate my own skills development.


My fellow students are a wide variety of learners. Please make sure that everyone in my group has an equal opportunity to learn. Please use clear and understandable language, descriptive headings and understandable links. Please also take accessibility into account when selecting course materials.


The teachers and teaching methods are different, and this is a richness that I like. However, completely different practices are also burdensome. Please follow commonly agreed practices in training and use common tools.

The wishes are based on the open answers to the user survey of the Learn learning environment conducted in spring 2020.