Exam room locations and opening hours 

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Xamk has EXAM-rooms available in all campuses:

  • Kotka A4035 (until July 26th, opens in the new campus earliest September 2nd.)
  • Kouvola 248A
  • Mikkeli D206
  • Savonlinna SA438

The EXAM-rooms are open on weekdays (Mon-Fri) within the campus opening hours (8:00-16:15, Kouvola/Kotka 17:15). Please check the campus website for opening hours: Xamk campuses. Make sure you have access to the campus, especially for the later exam times. Note that you may need an access card to enter the campus during evenings or holidays if the campus doors are closed. However, you do not need a key or access card to enter the exam room.

During holiday periods, it is possible to take exams if the campus is open and you have access to it. On public holidays the campus is completely closed, and exams cannot be taken on those days.


Exceptions opening hours

Exam visit closed every first Monday of the month from 8 am to 10 am (maintenance break).  Service breaks are marked in the system. 

EXAM room at Kotka Metsola campus is open until July 26th. EXAM room at the Kotka new campus will open earliest September 2nd. During august exams can be taken at other campuses or as Exam visit at another university.