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With Padlet, it is possible to create various virtual walls that can be used for organizing and presenting information, as well as collaborating. 

A Padlet license is available for Xamk staff members, which can be activated by sending a service request through Ecampus Services via Xinfo after logging in. After this, your role will appear as a teacher in your profile instead of a student. In practice, the role name does not affect the operation of Padlet or its usage rights, as everyone automatically receives the necessary rights upon logging in. Students can also log in to Xamk's Padlet using their Microsoft login and use it without any restrictions.

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE LICENSED VERSION AND THE FREE VERSION There is no limit on the number of walls in Xamk's Padlet, unlike the free version on You can have a general Padlet account on, and an Xamk Padlet account on

Xamk's Padlet can be found at Click here to access: Xamk's Padlet

You can receive support for using Padlet by sending a service request through Ecampus Services to Xinfo.