Digital environments

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Xamk's digital environment consists of several services and systems. In the diagram below they are distributed based on purpose of use. 

Picture presents Xamk digital environment and services
Also check out: Xamk services available for students 

Service name Login address Instructions
Kaakkuri Library guides (Libguides)
M365 Microsoft 365 help and learning (Microsoft)
Open Learn Familiarize yourself with Open Learn
Open Learn - Guides and support
Outlook Student email
Staff email
Email (Lux)
Outlook help & learning (Microsoft)
Peppi Student view 
Teacher view
Peppi instructions for students (Lux)

Teams Microsoft Teams Teams self-study material (Open-Learn)
Download Teams app (Microsoft)
Privacy and data protection Data protection (Lux) Data protection guidelines for students (Lux)
Tuudo App Store: Tuudo mobile app
Play Store: Tuudo mobile app
Tuudo guide (Lux)
Xinfo helpdesk

You can find instructions for Xamk digital environment services on the Lux intranet and in the services themselves.

Xamk services available for students

The following table summarizes the services available to different student groups.

Picture of services available for Xamk students.

Download the Xamk services for students