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See how to use the Xamk Learn eLearning environment

Get familiar with the Learn environment by watching the enclosed record. 

Xamk Learn is an online learning environment that offers tools to returning assignments, working in groups, online discussions and keeping in touch with other users, sharing materials and producing content and making online exams.

Watch this video to learn how to use Xamk Learn environment

You can learn more about the Xamk Learn environment through the Vinkit opiskelijoille - Tips for students course platform. The course platform is open to all users and you can self-register as a student without a course enrollment key. Below is also a summary of the basic functionality of the Learn environment.

Xamk Learn user interface


There is a menu row with black background at the top of each view of the learning environment. Menu row includes e.g. user menu, language menu and a link to the instructions of the learning environment.


At the bottom of each view of the learning environment, a footer appears on a black background, containing the terms of use of the learning environment and a privacy notice. If there is a page guide for an open view (e.g. Dashboard), you can view it again via this link.


There is a footer with black background at the end of each page of the learning environment. Footer contains the terms of use and the privacy notice. If there is a user guide for the open page (such as Dashboard), you can view it again via the link. 


It is recommended to view your profile page information. You can access your Profile on the user menu at the right upper corner of the Learn environment. Your personal profile details page is visible to everyone who is on the same course in Learn environment as you are (both teachers and other students). If needed, you can change or update the information from the Profile page by choosing the Edit profile.

You can also change other personal settings from the user menu by choosing the Preferences view.

Course Enrollment and leaving the course platform 

Course enrollment

From the student's point of view, enrollment the course platform can be done in two different ways; automatically or through student self-registration. For courses that use self-enrolment, the student must be active and search the course for enrollment. The correct course can be searched for via the Search for Courses search in the Desktop. The name of the course or the course implementation code in Pepi are good search terms. To join a course, click on the Add me to course button in the Join course area view. If a Course Key is required for self-registration, please enter it in the field provided. The course key is a one-time password for joining a course, which you will usually receive from the course teacher.

Opintojaksoalustalle liittyminen voi tapahtua opiskelijan näkökulmasta kahdella eri tavalla; automaattisesti tai opiskelijan itserekisteröitymisen kautta. Itserekisteröitymistä hyödyntävillä opintojaksoilla opiskelijan tulee itse liittyä opintojakson opiskelijaksi. Oikeaa opintojaksoa voi etsiä Työpöydän Etsi opintojaksoja -haun kautta. Hyvinä hakuehtoina toimivat opintojakson nimi tai Pepin opintojakson toteutuksen koodi. Opintojaksolle liitytään Lisää minut opintojaksolle -painikkeesta Opintojaksoalueelle liittyminen -näkymässä. Mikäli itserekisteröitymisen yhteydessä edellytetään Opintojaksoavainta, syötä se sille varattuun kenttään. Opintojaksoavain on kertaluonteinen opintojaksolle liittymisen salasana, jonka saat yleensä opintojakson opettajalta.

If you have joined the course platform through the self enrolment, you also have the ability to exit the platform. In this case, your course will display a black gear icon in the upper right corner of the course below the title image. Select the gear icon and below it Unenrol me from this course.

You may need this feature if, for example, you have accidentally enrolled to the wrong platform. Please note that if you have completed assignments or credits on the platform, they will also disappear from the teacher's view when you leave the platform.

If you don’t see a gear icon, the teacher has added you to the platform, and then you can’t unenroll yourself either. The options are to ask the course teacher to remove you from the platform, or to hide the course from your view on the Learn desktop by clicking and selecting Hide from view.



The Learn environment contains multiple different course formats which teacher can use in their courses. The course formats change the layout of the course content, but the basic structure of the Learn environment is the same in all courses. 

From the top left corner, you can open the hamburger menu. The content of the menu varies on different views. In the course view, the hamburger menu contains e.g. links to Participants and Grades view.

The navigation bar (breadcrump of links) can be found below of the course picture. Navigation bar contains the hyperlinked names of pages as you navigate from one page to another. The best way to return to your course page is to click on the course short name in the navigation bar.


The teacher can define for the activities of the course, under what conditions they are considered to have been completed. Students' progress can be monitored in the course based either on the completion of activities or on the "Mark as done" made by the student.

The conditions for activity completion can be seen by the student at the activity and in the Completion progress block, if it is in the course. You can also see your own progress in the courses on the Dashboard view, if the course's activity completion is monitored. Mark as done type activities are those whose completion you mark yourself. Otherwise, the completion mark comes when the specified conditions (e.g. Make a submission) are met. 

Plagiarism DETECTION service Turnitin Integrity

Xamk uses the Turnitin Integrity service to detect plagiarism. The Turnitin can be used during the studies in the Learn environment courses and at the end of the studies to check the thesis in the Wihi service.

In the Learn environment, the teacher can enable plagiarism detection in assignments and also in discussion areas, workshops and exams. The student will be notified of using the service when returning the assignment, and will also receive an acknowledgment email.

Discussion forums

Discussion forums are used for different kind of discussions which can vary from structured discussions to the assignment return. Most of the course platforms has the "News / Uutiset" forum, but only the teachers are able write posts there.


An assignment is a commonly used activity in which a student can submit online text and files according to the conditions set by the teacher. Teachers can limit the size and type of files submitted through the assignment. Once you have submitted an assignment to the Learn environment, the teacher can view and evaluate your submission. When the teacher has evaluated your assignment, you can see the given assessment in the task submission and through the Grades view.


Xamk uses the video service Panopto. Students can save there course assignment related videos. The student can access the Panopto service via the link provided in the Learn course. Please note that the student cannot save videos directly to the service without a related Learn course. The most common formats are supported, such as MP4 and MOV. Follow the instructions given by the teacher to return the assignment.


Exams are called Quizzes in Learn environment. Quiz arrangements can vary from the monitored classroom exams to quizzes that can be done from home with the aid of study material. 

Check the quiz availability and time limit before you start the quiz attempt. Please also notice the possible further information about the quiz arrangements. When you are about to finish the quiz, check that you have answered to all questions and remember to press "Submit all and finish" button when you are ready. 

Please also note that the teacher can adjust the time and duration of the exam to enable e.g. individual teaching arrangements.

Get yourself more familiar with the Xamk Learn by the Vinkit opiskelijoille - Tips for students course.