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Making a good video requires planning, careful execution and thoughtful choices. Here are some tips to help you create an effective video: 

1. Goal and target audience: 
   - Clearly define what you want to achieve with the video. 
   - Know the needs and skill level of your target audience. 
   - Try different "genres". Instead of a powerpoint presentation, what if your video was a case study, for example, to be used as a basis for exercises or an expert interview?  

2. Design: 
   - Draw up a script or plan that includes the structure and main message of the video. 
   - Keep the video short and to the point. In general, less than 10 minutes is recommended. 

3. Technical implementation: 
   - Use high quality video equipment if possible.  
   - Choose an appropriate angle and background if possible. Provide adequate lighting. Do not shoot into backlighting. 

4. Clear presentation: 
   - Speak clearly and calmly. 
   - Avoid long speeches. Enliven with examples.  

5. Visual elements: 
   - Use visual aids such as graphics, pictures and diagrams. 
   - Highlight important concepts and present them clearly. 

6. Editing: 
   - Cut out unnecessary parts and correct errors with editing software. You can edit with tools such as Panopto, Adobe's Rush or the free Clipchamp from the Microsoft Store.  
   - Use background music or sound effects judiciously. 

7. Subtitling: 
   - Provide subtitles or a script to accompany the video. 

8. Testing: 
   - Watch the video a couple of times and ask colleagues or friends to give feedback. 
9. Publishing and sharing 
   - Upload the video to the Xamk video service Panopto or Onedrive.  
   - Share the video with your target audience and promote it as appropriate. 

10. Monitor, feedback and update: 
    - Track amount of views of Panopto videos with Stats. 
    - Ask for feedback. Update or improve the video as needed.