February tips and tricks

February tips and tricks

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Participants view was removed from students

The Participant view is no longer visible to students on course platforms. The change in the Participants view visibility is in line with the GDPR principle of minimizing personal data. However, students will still be able to see other participants' profile information when using collaborative activities where the names of the participants are displayed (e.g. forums or wikis). 

The change does not affect the teacher's view, where Participants are still visible as before. If necessary, the teacher can restore the Participants view to the students on a platform-specific basis. Instructions for this can be found on the Learn Teacher guides page in the User guides and support section.

Archiving and further use of course platforms

Teacher will receive a notification of the archiving of their course platforms to email. After the announced archiving date and the available one-month grace period the courses are archived, hidden from students and therefore no longer be visible to them. However, the course teacher will still see the archived courses in their Course overview block, and the archived courses will stay available for two years after archiving until they are automatically deleted as the course lifecycle comes to the last stage. The date of archiving can be seen next to the course information in the Course overview block both on the Dashboard and the My Courses view.

The archived course is still available for the teacher to check the students’ work or assessments made in the course active stage or to make a copy of the course platform for new implementations. However, the course teacher can’t open the archived course platform for students.

Please notice that teacher can also make a backup file of your course platform and save it e.g. to the Onedrive or memory stick. Backup file is useful when you know that you don’t need the course platform in near future, or you want to make a snapshot of the course contents or make a copy of it to another learning environment. 

Teacher can also mark your unnecessary course for removal and speed up the deletion process. This frees up space in the Learn system and helps you to tidy up your course list, making it easier to find the right platforms. The Mark course for removal option is available in the course platform More menu if your course is originally created with the Course platform request. Courses created with the Peppi integration can’t be marked for removal. 


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